Peace Through Music

Music For Veterans

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Our Services

Weekly group music sessions are available to all Veterans and Military Personnel. 

If a participant doesn't have an instrument, one is provided ​FREE-OF-CHARGE! 

Veterans are asked to make a commitment of attending sessions for a period of

six months. The instrument is on loan to the Veteran but if they participate in

the classes for the full six months, the instrument becomes theirs. 

​The program allows Veterans to build confidence and demonstrate the skills

they've developed through live performances throughout the community.

We partner with the VA, VFWs, American Legions, local sports teams and

non-profits who invite us to participate in events and fundraisers.

Music for Veterans also provides an opportunity for social interactions with other

Veterans who may be facing the same issues of reintegrating into civilian life.

Participants in the program are encouraged to share their music with family and 

play in music groups. They also have the opportunity to record their music.

These are great social and therapeutic activities for participants. ​

Access to the Learning Center is available anytime - 24/7 with videos, sheet music

and learning materials. More information added as we grow the online program.