* The "Over-Identified" child might feel and behave like

their parent as a way of trying to connect with the parent,

so the child might show many of the same symptoms

as the parent with PTSD.

* The "Rescuer" child takes on the adult role to fill in for the parent with PTSD. The child acts too grown-up for his or her age.

* The "Emotionally Uninvolved" child gets little

help resulting in problems at school, depression, anxiety, 

worry, fear and relationship problems later in life.

For more information about Children with parents
who suffer from PTSD, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affair website:  


 Military Kids Music Program 

Veterans aren't the only ones affected by PTSD!

Children of Veterans are welcomed to join our Military Kids Music Program free of charge!
Contact us at: 814-873-4500 or director@music4veterans.org   

Parent's PTSD symptoms can be directly linked to their child's responses.

Children can respond in certain ways: